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Entry Prehung Decorative 3/4ths Glass Fiberglass Double Door

These prehung fiberglass doors have 2 forms of internal reinforcement - a 10-gauge steel beam that runs the entire vertical length of the door and an internal wood block built in for added strength. This ensures that these doors will never bow or warp.
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Door Information:

Full Length Composite Top and Bottom Rails
Additional non-porous protection keeps water from seeping into the door and helps prevent the build up of mold or mildew.

Fiberglass Reinforced Skin
Fiberglass is unmarred by the wear and tear of everyday use and is unaffected by moisture and humidity. These doors will not rot, splinter or warp like wood, and won’t dent or delaminate like steel.

Full Length Composite Stiles
Provides complete water-proffing for the door's insulation with twice the screw holding power of wood. Ensures the door will never warp, rot, or rust.

100% CFC-Free Polyurethan Core
Prevent moisture from seeping into the door and accommodate a wide range of door sweeps.

Closed Cellular Structure
Ensures doorframe and molding will not absorb moisture and resists splitting, rotting and insect damage

Twice the Screw-holding Power
Our unique formulation looks and feels like wood, but is stronger and more durable

Easily Machined
Machine, paint, or stain just like wood frames but without the wood hassles

Various Lengths
PF™ Frames are available in sizes up to 17´. Full composite arched and radius frames.

Measurement Information

Door sizes are standardized. Even if your origonal door measures to be slightly less wide than the door we offer here, it will still fit in the your door frame.

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If you need assistance in any way, or would like to receive a custom quote with specific features, Call or E-mail us to speak with a sales representative. We are capable of placing orders with more customization and options than shown here at the lowest price on the internet.

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Additional Fiberglass Door information

    Fiberglass Door with Numbers
  1. No unsightly screw plugs around glass on either side: Our exclusive SmartFrame™ Snap-On Frame creates a completely unblemished surface.

  2. Stainable and paintable wood grain skin, or paintable smooth skin: Distinction Doors fiberglass skin is paint and stain ready.

  3. Triple pane decorative glass: Triple pane decorative glass provides excellent thermal insulation.

  4. Fiberglass skin won't dent, ding or rust: Unlike steel doors, Fiberglass is unaffected by moisture and humidity.

  5. Extended lock block resists forced entry: Our 20" extended lock block adds security and peace of mind to your entry.

  6. Beautifully detailed architectural panels: Distinction Doors are designed with deeper shadow lines and better curb appeal.

  7. Waterproof composite stiles: Distinction Doors use a nonporous composite edge instead of a regular wood edge so it will never rot or warp.

  8. Insulated core: Our environmentally-friendly insulation provides maximum thermal protection.

  9. Waterproof composite top and bottom rails: Extra non-porous protection keeps water from seeping into the door.

Fiberglass Door InformationHydroshield Technology

Exclusive water-resistant seal protects these doors against water infiltration on all sides to prevent water damage such as warping, delamination, corrosion, rotting, and the buildup of mold and mildew.

This Hydroshield seal consists of:

Fiberglass Reinforced Door Skins: Our high-impact compression molded skins will not splinter, dent, warp, rot or rust. Surfaces are easy to stain or paint, and easy to clean. Our deep-profile fiberglass skins create stronger dimensions and crisper shadow lines. Architecturally correct stile and rail proportions enhance the door's traditional oak appearance.

Full-length Composite Stiles: Our full-length composite stiles provide complete waterproofing for the door's insulation. Composite stiles have two times the screw-holding capabilities of traditional wood-edged doors and will never splinter like wood or delaminate like steel.

Composite Top & Bottom Rails: High-strength engineered composite top and bottom rails prevent moisture from seeping into the door. Bottom rails will also accommodate a range of door sweeps.


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