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How To Find The Best Home Builder

Owning a home is a dream that every family seeks to fulfill. This is one of the greatest and most rewarding investments any family could ever make provided that the right home builder is contracted to handle the job. The below steps will therefore guide you in finding the best home builder to entrust with your project:

# 1 – Shortlist All Prospective Candidate Builders
Utilize all channels available to you to locate builders. This can be through recommendations by friends, home shows, trade fairs or real estate agents. Formulate a list of builders and carry out some research on them. Such information can be obtained from sources such as online forums, from the local building authorities or from your local court house. This is to determine whether there are any complaints, previous injunctions or pending cases against them. Finally, eliminate all candidates with apparent incompetence and unsuitability factors such as a poor building record, their geographical location or their specific area of expertise. The objective is to identify at least 3 prospective builders.

# 2 – Schedule Interview Appointments with the Builders
Personally vet the identified builders on a face to face interaction. Write down a list of questions that will help you gauge each builder's suitability in areas such as: previous experience, the sustainability of their business, their insurance coverage, the applicability of their builder's license and the length and nature of involvement with subcontractors. Most significantly, each builder should provide you with at least three client references.

House Builders | CC Attribution-ShareAlike Generic-Mr.Greenjeans

House Builders | CC Attribution-ShareAlike Generic-Mr.Greenjeans

# 3 – Get In Touch With the References Provided
Contact your builders' previous clients and have a friendly discussion with them regarding the particular builder. However, your underlying goal should be to extract the following information about their professionalism: whether they were satisfied with how their projects were handled, how the builder conducts his business, their rates and if they strictly adhere to contracts. Lastly, establish whether they would contract them again for future projects or if they would recommend them to someone else.

# 4 – Agree On a Builder's / Client Contract
The concluding step would be to write down a binding document with the builder you have settled on. This process will verify whether you have identified an appropriate builder. Contract negotiations may be at most times hectic since both sides come up with conflicting stipulations about clauses of the contract. This is because on one hand the builder seeks to protect his business interests while they provide their services to you, on the other hand you as the client want assurances from the builder that your investment would be worthwhile. Items to be included in the contract may consist of the following: materials to be used, features to be incorporated to your home and estimated costs of the entire project. To avoid future conflict, the written contract should always signed by both parties as a proof agreement and satisfaction.

In conclusion, it is not guaranteed that you will always find the appropriate builder for your project. Nevertheless, following the above guidelines will at least see to it that you will be well content a few months from now when your project will be complete.


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