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Help To Take the Stress Out Of Moving

Help To Take the Stress Out Of Moving

For everyone that has done it before, moving house can be one of the most stressful things that you can do, especially when not using a professional company and you decide to do it yourself. From the packing and planning, taking care of the kids and the pets, to unpacking and organising your new home, this can be a very stressful situation. Although it is very hard to remove the stress entirely from a move, by doing some careful planning you cannot only save yourself some time by being organised, you can also help to take some of the stress out of the situation and make the transition to your new home as trouble free as possible.

Professional Removals Companies

There are lots of professional removals companies out there which can help you move from your old house to your new one. Whether it is just around the corner, across the town, another part of the country or even a totally new country, by using a professional company to assist in your move can ease some of the stress and anxiety involved in moving the family home. This is not always cheap though, so if you are looking at using a professional company, you should do some research on various removals specialists. There are lots of sites on the internet where you can get honest customer reviews of the different companies out there and most good companies will have testimonials on their website. See what the best and worst experiences are and try using this to make an informed judgment on the company in question. It also pays to shop around, getting a quote is usually free so it pays to get as many quotes and speak to as many companies as you can, as price almost always is an important factor when moving.

Doing It Yourself

Sometimes it just isn’t an option to use a professional company, for whatever reason. Some people prefer to move house themselves. When looking at it, it can be a very daunting prospect when you look at your house and all your belongings that you have to move. But with doing some organising and planning you can make the task a lot easier and take some of the stress out to make the transition as smooth and painless as possible. Without a doubt this is usually a lot cheaper as well than using one of the many new home that there are out there.

Getting Yourself Organised

We all collect junk over time that for whatever reason we do not throw away. A week or so before your moving day, you should go through everything you own and decide whether you really want to keep it or not, sometimes it can be hard but it is best to be practical about this. Especially when you are moving yourself, if you can save yourself some work by throwing things away that you do not use or need, you can save the physical effort of having to transport it to your new home. You can even have a garage sale before you move and try and sell some of your unwanted stuff which may find a new home and actually be used instead of sitting in a box unwanted and unused.

Kids and Pets

Keeping the kids and pets occupied when moving can be an uphill struggle. If you have dogs, cats or any other pets, it may be best to either leave these with a friend for the day or even use a kennel service or something similar, to get the pets out from under your feet while you get everything organised. Likewise with the kids, it may be best to arrange a relative or friend to take the kids for a day out while you organise the move and pack everything up. The last thing you want when you are stressed and trying to organise things is the kids and animals running about with all the excitement going on.

Ticking All the Boxes

When packing up your house you need to go about it using a methodical approach. Start with one room at a time and pack everything in that room. You need to make sure that things are well packed and not loose inside the box, using old newspaper, blankets or towels to wrap up valuable or easily breakable things. Once the box is packed and sealed, get a bit pen and write the room the box is from and also a few of the things inside, as this will make things a lot easier when you come to unpack in your new home. After all packing up your home is only the first step, you still have to unpack and organise everything in your new home so anything that makes this easier in the long run  is worth while doing, even if it does add some time initially, ultimately it will help save you time and stress.


So the best thing to do when moving house, whether you use a professional company or not, is to organise. Throw or give away what you do not want, take care of the kids, pets or anything else which can get under your feet and prepare for the unexpected as usually we always forget about something or other. Just remember as well to make sure you have enough boxes to pack everything into and mark the contents and room clearly on multiple sides. By taking a bit of time to plan and organise yourself and your belongings, you can make your next move a stress free affair.

This post was written by Nicholas Holmes

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