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How To Prevent Water Intervention From A Leaking Sliding Glass Door?

Complete sliding doors and windows offer an excellent way to enjoy the outdoors while minimizing floor space usage. However, individuals who have experienced extreme summer seasons understand that heavy thunderstorms can rapidly result in inches of rainfall, leading to water infiltration through a leaking sliding glass door. Continue reading about the cause of water leaking and how to overcome water intrusion issues

5 Ways To Prevent Water Intrusion From A Leaking Sliding Glass Door

The causes of a leaking sliding glass door comprehend a dirty or broken track and broken wheels. With complete sliding doors and windows installation and maintenance, a sliding glass patio door can operate without issues for an extended period. Fortunately, water infiltration during heavy rain, tropical storms, or hurricanes can be avoided with a properly installed and weather-resistant sliding glass door.

  1. Utilize Weatherstripping Tape

An effective way to close gaps in your sliding glass door frame is to use weatherstripping tape. This tape is crafted from a sturdy and waterproof material that effectively creates a secure seal around the door frame. Not only is it easy to install, but it is also readily available at various hardware stores.

  1. Shield Your Sliding Door From Rain With A Drip Cap

A drip cap is a protective barrier made of metal or plastic that sits at the top of your complete sliding doors and windows to channel water away from it. By installing a drip cap, you can effectively block water from seeping through the door's top and prevent potential water damage. With its simple installation process and availability at most hardware stores, a drip cap is an easy and effective way to shield your sliding door from the rain

  1. Ensure Optimal Water Resistance By Applying Outdoor-Specific Caulk

To create an impermeable seal that blocks water intrusion during door glass replacement , apply outdoor-specific caulk along the edges of your sliding glass door. Before application, ensure the area is thoroughly cleaned and dried to maximize adhesion. Opt for a caulk formula designed for outdoor use and highly moisture-resistant

  1. Consider Using A Sealant

In addition to caulking, you can also use a sealant to create a waterproof barrier around the sliding glass door. Silicone or polyurethane sealants are good options, as they are waterproof and flexible.

  1. Check The Threshold

The threshold of the sliding glass door is the metal or wood strip at the bottom of the door frame. Over time, the threshold can become damaged or corroded, allowing water to seep into the home. Make sure the threshold is in good condition and replace it if necessary

Make Your Sliding Door Water Proof With Our Experts!

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