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How to Install a Green House Window

Figure 1 Step 1
Frame rough opening equal to window call out size. Rough opening should be plumb, square, and sill should be level. For stucco applications furring strips of at least 3/8" thick, should be used around entire perimeter to allow for proper clearance or optional stucco mold can be purchased, see number 5 below. For special size Tru-Frame® Greenhouse Windows the suggested rough opening size is:

Width 5 1/2" Less Fin to Fin Dimension
Height 3 3/8" Less Fin to Fin Dimension

Step 2
Apply the flashing paper in the normal manner. First the sill strip, then the jamb strips. The top flashing goes on after the window is installed and overlaps the top window fin. (See Figure 2)

Figure 2

Step 3

Center the Tru-Frame® Greenhouse Window in rough opening allowing equal clearance on both sides and top. Bottom pan should line up with the finished sill height, allowing for any inside additional materials such as tile (see figure 3). Attach window to jambs, sill, and header with screws long enough to penetrate through any furring strips and deep into framing. A ribbon of caulking between the frame and flashing is a must.

Figure 3

Step 4
For window sizes 5' and larger, support bracing is highly recommended on each end of the window (Warranty could be void without proper support). These supports can be constructed as part of the wall framing or metal support brackets may be fabricated to adequately support the window. Support brackets can be purchased separately from your Tru-Frame® Dealer. Fasteners to be supplied by installer (1/4" X 3" Lag screws are suggested for wall mounting). Brackets must attach to the vertical studs below the window. For 8' windows a third support should also be used in the center. (see figure 3)

Step 5
Optional extruded aluminum stucco molding is cut square to fit around the perimeter of the window. Jamb moldings fit between header and sill moldings. Stucco moldings can be purchased separately from your Tru-Frame® Dealer. (See Figure 4a, 4b, and 4c)

Figure 4