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The TRU-FRAME® product line consists of several fabricated products, which include greenhouse windows, skylights, screen doors, security screen doors, sliding screen doors, window screens, and grilles. Screen components and screening are also distributed under the TRU-FRAME® brand.

More About TRU-FRAME

Over the years, we have earned a position of leadership in the field of home improvement and new construction, and our name has become synonymous with innovation, quality and performance. With our in house engineering and machine shop, we have the technical expertise to bring new and innovative products to market. Our most important value discipline, however, is to serve the needs of our customers. We are ready to earn your business with the most responsive and personalized service in the industry. Whether you call them garden windows, green house windows,or even bay windows, Tru-Frame® greenhouse windows are architecturally superior and beautifully simple. Now you can enjoy all the sunlight and shining beauty of the most well designed and functionally superior window in the world. Because we've taken great panes to build the Tru-Frame® Greenhouse Window so you can have a greener thumb. It's Nice To Have Around Each greenhouse window features a tough, durable frame in white or almond color that never needs painting, and is maintenance free. With rounded corners they're stronger and safer to have around your house because the edges don't protruded. They're prettier too. Our Motto is as Follows: "We Build Products To Increase The Value And Beauty Of Your Home"