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Discount Door & Window | 5450 Complex St. #301 San Diego C.a 921 - Horizontal Blinds

Blinds - Horizontal Blinds
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More About Horizontal Blinds

The most versatile of all window treatments, Graber Horizontal Blinds provide excellent privacy and light control, as well as a wide selection of color and design choices. Features that maximize your sales success: Unlike the competition, Graber 2" Aluminum Horizontal Blinds have a patented SureClose™light-blocking lip. This eliminates light leaks between the headrail and slats. Our 1" aluminum blinds offer a Supreme Headrail, another patented light-blocking lip. Another unique feature, specially designed bumper pads keep the bottomrail of our horizontal blinds from hitting the windowsill. This protects fine woodwork by minimizing scratches.