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Custom Order for Edward 01

(4) XO windows. 2 with grids:
Retrofit Flush Fins. Low-E

$196 - 56 3/4 x 57 XO
$207 - 57 x 38 5/8 XO with Grids
$229 - 68 3/4 x 44 3/4 XO with Grids
$174 - 57 x 44 5/8 XO


Features Include:

  • Reinforced interlocking panels provide structural support and increase strength and security. This feature will insure a precise closing and locking process.
  • Dual wall flush fin option available for custom sized retrofit window replacement.
  • Nail-on fin option available for new construction. It is designed to accept 7/8' stucco set back. This allows the exterior of the window to finish evenly with the exterior of the house.
  • The 1/8' stucco key eliminates the separation of stucco against the window's perimeter.
  • Fusion welded corners on both frame and panel profiles eliminate the possibility of leaks and minimize air and water infiltration.Welding insures that corners will be permanently square and structurally strong.
  • All insulated glass has standard 3/4' overall thickness for increased thermal performance.
  • Auto Lock option ensure the window is secure when ever it is closed. Cam lock option insures a weather tight seal and exceeds all forced entry resistance requirements.
  • Snap-in vinyl bead on both fixed and sliding panels allows for easy replacement of glass.
  • Heavy duty brass tandem rollers slide over a replacement snap-in sill track for years of easy smooth operation.

Energy Efficiency

Stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This window features Low-E Glass, which is ideal for San Diego weather. It reduces heat gain in the summer by reflecting warm solar rays. It also keeps the interior temperature stable by providing insulation, keeping the heat in during the winter.

low e glass

Between the 2 layers of glass is our “Warm Edge” High Performance spacer system which is engineered to flex with the expansion and contraction of the glass to keep it from breaking or rupturing the seal.

The “Warm Edge” spacer also dramatically reduces condensation. All of our windows meet or exceed the Federal standards for Energy Star when equipped with Low E glass. Low E glass also reduces the harmful UV rays that are allowed into the house, which will reduce the fading of furniture and Carpets by 75%.


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